Extra-hospital emergencies

Currently available methods for the management of medical emergencies are very effective. Nevertheless, resources are still limited, and such methods show a great margin for improvement. For instance, it is almost impossible to reach the location where cardiovascular arrests or traumas occur in a sufficiently short amount of time. This project aims at overcoming or limiting the existing limitations of medical emergency management.

Emergency management usually follows the Chain of survival: when an emergency arises, someone dials an emergency number, informing an emergency response centre of the situation. The place where the call is originating might or might not correspond to the location of the emergency. The emergency centre then contacts the nearest ambulance.

Our invention introduces a database of voluntary trained operators. After receiving an emergency call, any given emergency centre directly contacts one or more operators from its database on their mobile phones, according to geographic position in relation to the location of the emergency.

In case the operator confirmed his or her own availability, the emergency management centre would inform the ambulance already directed to the emergency location.